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Live 1 x 1 Lecture

CCS Review Cases USMLE STEP 3 


USMLE Step 3

1 Hour Live Lecture

CCS Orientation



2 Hour Live Lecture

CCS Rapid Review



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Up-High CCS 

We offer live orientation courses where participants get to see first hand how to master CCS cases. The course will provide you with tips and valuable information about CCS case management and will keep you a head with your preparation.

       60 Min. Live 1 x 1 Lecture

A 60 minute long live course  will help you clear the last hurdle of your USMLE exams.The course focuses on the following topics:

  1. Definitions

  2. Your CCS management responsibilities

  3. General case management steps

  4. Time and timer in CCS

  5. Management tips for better results

  6. Emergency CCS case samples

  7. Clinic CCS case sample

 2-Hour Live 1 x 1 Rapid Review 

Don't take chance, CCS can make or break your test and it is better be prepared than to fail the exam and waste more time and money. This course will provide you with quick review over important CCS topics in a 2 hour duration, very useful right before the exam where you sit with the tutor, ask questions and get yourself ready for the test. Google search.  































Once you buy, we will contact you by email to schedule a date for the course. Once purchased, course fee is not refundable


Customer's Feedback:

I am writing just a quick note to say that I totally enjoyed your CCS live course last night Thank you, again, for such a wonderful learning experience, and I hope to learn from you again in the future.

Your lecture helped me to learn so much about how to manage different ccs cases,Thank you, 



Thank you for your ccs lecture. I am really excited to take your EKG course 

Hi, I want to tell you that I just passed step 3 exam and I am so thankful to you. Your ccs course have saved me.

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