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Milwaukee Cardiology Review


Case-Based Style




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 USMLE Step1,2&3   

EKG is the single most important test being performed every day in clinics around the world. It is an inexpensive, noninvasive and “easy to do” tool used for diagnosis and management of many cardiac disorders yet, EKG interpretation is a very challenging task for both medical students and in-practice physicians

 High Quality EKG's

    157 High-Yield Question   

With especial emphasis on EKG analysis, this program is a case-based that uses multiple step style questions, asking a new question at the end of each step like “what is the best next management step?” and “What is the best initial treatment?” etc.

This program is simple and easy to understand. It will enrich your knowledge and improve our decision-making skills. It will help you tackle hard exam questions.  

Learn EKG Simple & Easy This program contains 16 clinical-based cases and 147 high-yield related exam questions.   



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