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USMLE STEP 3 CCS Mapping 2022. How to Solve a Case?

How to solve a CCS case?

1- Read the patient's chart and determine the urgency of the case.

2- Unstable patients need first hand stabilization orders before moving to the next management step.

3- Do physical examination

4- Write diagnostic orders

5- Advance the clock

6- Write therapeutic orders

7- Advance the clock

8- Change management location, if there is a need.

9- Do follow up on the patient

10 Last 2 minutes screen is to complete unfinished orders and do long term management for the patient (screening for disease, vaccinations and other prevention measures)

At Mapping CCS, WE HAVE ALL YOU NEED to prepare for the test,

We offer:

Mapping ccs Interactive PDF program

Pre-recorded CCS orientation video

Live 1 x 1 CCS Review sessions

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