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I want to score high in USMLE step 3, Strategy

USMLE Step 3 is the hardest part of USMLE exams, scoring high requires securing CCS cases section and doing well in bio-statistics.

2022 Mapping CCS offers the latest and the largest collection of CCS cases at the lowest price.

We also offer live 1 x 1 lecture for CCS including CCS orientation and rapid review cases.

Compare Mapping to other CCS products


2022 Mapping CCS: $39.95

UW CCS: $100


Number of Cases:

2022 Mapping CCS: 113 Cases

UW CCS: 100 Cases


Advantages of buying 2022 Mapping CCS:

You will get a free subscription of EKG for USMLE $29 Value

24 hour Customer service and support

Tutor service for CCS is available

Advantages of buying CCS

Grading system, the bad news, it is not real and can be misleading

Advantages of buying UW ccs cases:

Interactive format but the program has not been updated for long time and no new cases have been added

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