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2019 Mapping CCS vs

A new company called came out few months ago they are less than average, they claim to have a ccs scoring system which is fake and not real.

There are many reasons to choose Mapping over I will mention some here:

1- 2019 Mapping has 113 CCS cases vs 100 cases in CCScases that means 13% more cases.

2- Mapping CCS has been there for 14 years vs few months for ccscases.

3- Mapping provides full customer service support.

4- Mapping offers you to the chance to take live courses and ask direct questions.

5- Mapping is frequently updated to accommodate for any new USMLE changes

6- 2019 Mapping CCS price is $39 vs CCSCases price $70.

2019 Mapping CCS contains the largest collection of high yield CCS cases you can find. Please check our web site:

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