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USMLE Step 3 CCS Tips

Diet in CCS When you admit the patient, Determine the patient status and offer him a diet suitable to his case. Options include: 1- NPO: when unstable, surgery may be needed and in small bowel obstruction 2- Clear liquid diet: patients who were on NPO, the next thing to do when their condition improves is to switch them to a clear liquid diet, then when more improvement has been achieved switch to advanced diet 3- Advanced diet:4-Low fat diet: good for, cardiac disease, obesity 5- Renal diet: use with renal failure 6- diabetic diet: use with DM patients 7- Low sodium diet: HTN 8- Low fat diet: Heart disease and obesity 9- High fiber diet: Irritable bowel syndrome Among all available resources for CCS, 2019 Mapping CCS contains the largest collection of high yield CCS cases you can find. Select the best preparation plan for CCS Click Here

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