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EKG for: Residents & Interns 

420 Pages

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 If you are starting your residency, you can't stay behind.

Enrich your knowledge and get practical

EKG for residents and interns will guide you through the most important topics and provide you with practical reading tips that you will never find in other books. EKG is the single most important test performed at emergency rooms and clinics that you can't afford to miss.


EKG for Residents & Interns

addresses the problem with the current EKG teaching books and comes up with a new creative way to make good teaching points to the readers. The book will make EKG's interpretation easy for you. It will make you a better EKG reader. The book is simple and easy to use.

This program comes in an interactive PDF format. Delivery is by email download and it is free. If you wish to get a CD copy of the program, please add $5 to the total. Mail delivery may takes few days to arrive.

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